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    There's a larger driver here, as well as some changes to the tweeter design and port placement

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    The BR03s are the largest of two pairs of standmounters in the Borea range

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    It’s rare to find a pair of active speakers at this price that leave us struggling to come up


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For more than 40 years, Focal has been designing and manufacturing home audio loudspeakers, car audio speaker drivers and amplifiers, monitoring loudspeakers for recording studios, and more recently, headphones. Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal has earned its place amongst the leaders of the audio industry by providing unique technologies and through constant innovation.

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focal chorus 706 v

$ 1200

B&W 800 diamond

$ 25000

elac vela BS 403

$ 1200

dynaudio emit 10

$ 865

castle knight 2

$ 650

JBL HDI-3800

$ 8000

spendor classic 200


acoustic elegance TD15M




KLH model five


marshall loudspeaker woburn


mission m35I


mission MX5


ugreen bluetooth 5.0 aptX


belkin elite smart speaker


synthesis soprano 12W


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The acoustical properties of the room make a certain contribution to the quality of the sound panorama perceived by the listener. Not everyone has special rooms designed exclusively for the installation of high-end audio equipment. But for those who listen to music in an ordinary living room, there are many tips and notes, following which you can optimize the sound of the existing audio equipment.